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    Servicing, Repairs & Warranty


    Upon installation of your treatment plant your local shire Council and EPA request ongoing servicing which can only be done by our fully qualified service technician.

    We offer yearly servicing contracts which include quarterly field service inspections, including a mandatory service report to the Council on your behalf. As part of our servicing agreement after installation, we offer the first twelve months of servicing free of charge.

    For more information contact our servicing department.


    If you experience problems with your septic system, contact us as soon as possible.

    We can diagnose the problem and provide a maintenance solution to minimise the chance of future problems. Our friendly team is fully trained and licensed to complete maintenance and repairs to wastewater treatment plants.


    All our products are fully backed by us. If the issue does fall under the warranty criteria, we will resolve any issues immediately without further stress or delay to you.

    For further information contact our maintenance department.