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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I install a septic tank myself?

    It is not recommended to install a septic tank yourself as it requires specific knowledge and skill. It’s best to hire a professional like Southern Septics to ensure the job is done correctly and safely as well as consideration for any planning and permits.

    How much does it cost to install a septic tank?

    The cost of installing a septic tank can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the tank, the type of system, and the location of the property. A professional like Southern Septics can provide a detailed estimate for your specific needs, contact us today for an obligation free quote.

    What are the maintenance requirements for a septic tank?

    Regular maintenance is required for a septic tank to ensure its proper functioning. This includes regular pumping and inspection, as well as avoiding putting certain items down the drain. Southern Septics can provide a detailed maintenance plan for your specific septic system.

    Can I plant trees or bushes near my septic system?

    It is not recommended to plant trees or bushes near your septic system, as their roots can damage the tank or the drain field. Speak to Southern Septics and we can help you plan your installation to suit your future needs.

    How do I know if my septic system is failing?

    Signs of a failing septic system include: sewage backups into the house, slow draining sinks and toilets, a strong sewage odor, and standing water or mushy ground near the drain field.

    Can I put grease down the drain?

    No, grease can clog the pipes and damage your septic system. An alternate way to dispose of grease is to pour it into a container, such as a can or jar, and let it solidify. Once solidified, it can be thrown in your household rubbish. Another alternative, depending on the quantity, is to recycle the grease, for example some companies will collect used cooking oil and convert it into biodiesel fuel.


    We do not recommend building or having structures over the tank or control box. Our service technicians need clear access to your tank for servicing of your system.


    Refer to your home owners manual for more information on your system and how it works if unsure contact our maintenance team. For a more efficient way to keep on top of any issues, have a chat today about our Modem Alarm Kit Add-On

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